NLP labeling and LLM development solutions
in one platform

One platform ecosystem that not only supports your NLP projects and LLM development but also streamlines, automates, and experimentation with models to enhance your project.

NLP Labeling
A proven platform that help you to improve the efficiency, streamline, and automate wide range of NLP labeling projects.
LLM Labs
Easily create a knowledge bases, test the prompt and completions, and compare 120+ models based on the performance and price in one place.
The most robust NLP labeling & LLM platform choice
for cutting-edge organizations around the world.

Why Datasaur?

Customizable workflows

Stop draining time trying to make clunky tools fit your needs. Instead, build scalable data labeling flows that are simple, effective, and truly fit what your team needs.

Advanced workforce management

Use dashboards to get a high-level project view to see individual labeler progress to remove roadblocks. Easily pull reports, run QA, and surface inter-annotator disagreements to resolve issues quickly.

One stop solution for NLP and LLM needs

Automate NLP labeling tasks with LLM, effortlessly build knowledge bases, and craft & test prompts for optimal performance. Focus on what matters, boost accuracy, and gain valuable insights - all with Datasaur.

Military-grade security

Datasaur prioritizes your data safety, complying with SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and our Amazon Web Services infrastructure benefits from continuous monitoring and penetration testing.

Seamless integrations

Effortless integration for a smooth workflow. Datasaur seamlessly connects with your favorite tools and technologies. Streamlining your entire process from project creation, storage, labeling, export, authentication, and app development.

Hassle-free deployments

Datasaur hosted on the reliable infrastructure of AWS or deploy it on your preferred public cloud provider. We also offer seamless Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and on-premise deployment options to fit your specific business needs.

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Our ecosystem supports a wide range of technologies that can assist you in project creation, storage, labeling processes, project export, authentication, and app development.
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Stay informed with the latest news, updates, and insightful tips curated by the Datasaur Team, designed specifically to enhance and streamline your labeling process.
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Explore the latest AI and NLP insights and research curated by the Datasaur Team aimed at supporting and enhancing your labeling process.
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We [Consensus] had a very complex and specific set of annotation needs. Datasaur was able to address those needs efficiently and effectively.

Eric Olson, Co-founder and CEO, Consensus

Information labeling tasks has been reduced by 80% which has allowed us to optimize our workflow much more, allowing us to focus on other areas that are also priorities for us.

Product Manager, LegalTech

"We looked at Prodigy, LightTag, LabelBox, Scale and more. You really can't beat Datasaur for their suite of features and price point."

Director of Data Science, Financial Institution
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