The Leading Data-Labeling Tool for eCommerce

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eCommerce case study

Unrivaled configurability. Designed specifically for NLP

50% reduction in project times
2x Increaase in model performance
200% ROI for the business
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The competitive advantage for eCommerce

Protect your data with military-grade security
Product Review Analysis
Understand how a customer feels about products via sentiment analysis
Customer Issue Detection
Detect product issues or support issues with product review analysis
Shipping Automation
Extract data from bills of lading and shipping documents to automate customer orders

Key Datasaur features for eCommerce

Unrivaled configurability. Designed specifically for NLP
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Complete workflow and workforce management
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Inbuilt intellegence that handles 80% of the work
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"Most comprehensive labelling tool in the market. Datasaur has saved us countless hours in building our own solution. My team lead never wants to go back to spreadsheets!"

G2 Reviewer

"Operating in an industry where we have to be privacy- and security-conscientious with our data, Datasaur was the only acceptable solution for us. We recommend them for both feature set and support responsiveness."

G2 Reviewer

"...information labeling tasks has been reduced by 80% which has allowed us to optimize our workflow much more, allowing us to focus on other areas that are also priorities for us..."

Mary L