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Great companies understand training data is the key to great machine learning solutions.

Datasaur sets the standard for best practices in data labeling and extracts valuable insights from raw data.

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The most comprehensive data labeling software in the industry.


Save precious time and catch costly errors.Under-the-hood NLP models can pre-apply the “easy” labels and flag inconsistencies.


Manage your team and streamline collaboration.Assign multiple teammates to the same projects and use our uniquely designed review tool to quickly identify where they disagree.


Secure sensitive data.Prevent embarrassing data leaks. Datasaur deploys to public/private clouds as well as on-prem. Set data access privileges for your team.

Use Cases

  • Misinformation detection
    Misinformation detection
  • Contract summarization & understanding
    Contract summarization & understanding
  • Product review analysis
    Product review analysis
  • Customer service call transcripts
    Customer service call transcripts
  • Receipt & invoice understanding
    Receipt & invoice understanding
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Datasaur has saved us countless hours in building our own solution.
My team lead never wants to go back to spreadsheets!

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