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I don’t see a Sign-Up button for Datasaur. How do I sign up?
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Datasaur has tiers for free users, available to individuals and academics. In order to access this, you can visit the Pricing Page and click the 'Start for free' button. After clicking that button, you will be directed to the sign-up page.
Does Datasaur support [x] NLP labeling task?
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Datasaur was built from the ground up with text and NLP in mind. We support named entity recognition, text classification, coreference resolution and more. See the full list of our common project types on our Product Page.
Does Datasaur support [x] LLMs task?
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We now have support for tasks related to LLMs. One of the things we support is LLM Ranking and Evaluation, and there is a possibility of supporting other things as well. Please see the details on the LLMs Page.
Does Datasaur have API support?
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Yes! Datasaur's architecture allows us to support every UI feature and setting through our API as well. Customers love integrating Datasaur directly with their data pipelines, whether those live on AWS, Azure, or other data storages.
Can I upload a file in [x] format?
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Datasaur natively supports most text formats, including .csv, .txt, .pdf and even .ppt. Equally importantly, we have a File Transformer feature allowing you to automatically convert files in any text format into a project that Datasaur can read and display.
Can I use my own labeling model to automate the labeling in Datasaur?
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Datasaur has a feature called ML-assisted Labeling. You can easily integrate and call your labeling model through an API and automatically apply labels to your project. We also support pre-annotated files.
Does Datasaur support multi-pass labeling, where multiple labelers label the same data?
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Ah, you have extensive experience with labeling. Yes, Datasaur was built by industry vets and designed from scratch to allow multiple labelers and reviewers to be assigned to the same project.
Does Datasaur calculate inter-annotator agreement?
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Yes, we automatically calculate and show inter-annotator agreement when multiple labelers are assigned to the same project. This helps you determine who might be qualified to be promoted to reviewer, or who might require more training.
Does Datasaur support [x] language?
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Tancave! (Yes in Tolkien's Elvish language). Datasaur is operable with a vast majority of human languages (including ones with unique alphabets such as Cyrillic, Arabic and Mandarin). In fact, we haven't yet found a language we don't support!
Can Datasaur be hosted/installed on my own cloud servers?
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Yes - Datasaur's publicly hosted software is hosted on AWS and all data is AES-256 encrypted. However, we can also install Datasaur directly to your cloud environment.
How secure is my data with Datasaur?
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Datasaur is HIPAA, SOC2, & GDPR compliant. We have passed security questionnaires from Fortune 100 companies and even supported clients requiring air-gapped systems. We will work to meet your security requirements.
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We [Consensus] had a very complex and specific set of annotation needs. Datasaur was able to address those needs efficiently and effectively.

Eric Olson, Co-founder and CEO, Consensus

Information labeling tasks has been reduced by 80% which has allowed us to optimize our workflow much more, allowing us to focus on other areas that are also priorities for us.

Product Manager, LegalTech

"We looked at Prodigy, LightTag, LabelBox, Scale and more. You really can't beat Datasaur for their suite of features and price point."

Director of Data Science, Financial Institution

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