Boost the efficiency of NLP and LLM projects 9.6x
through better data labeling

Data labeling represents 65% of the time for NLP & LLMs project. Enhance speed and accuracy with the best data labeling platform, enabling engineers to concentrate on creating top-notch models.

Configurable annotation
Easy to manage quality control
Automation for every step of the journey
The most robust NLP labeling & LLM platform choice
for cutting-edge organizations around the world.
Best choice for NLP labeling project
Customizable labeling and automate the process
Customize your labeling set up to create the data you need to elevate your models. Then, streamline repetitive cleaning and automate labeling tasks that are oft-repeated by 80%.
Reduce errors with proper quality controls
Quality data leads to quality models. Use our features (Peer consensus review, Conflict resolution, and IAA) to identify and resolve errors, ensuring your data is of the highest standard.
Seamless integrations, no more manual data transfers
Automatically fits into your existing workflows with automatic project creation and export, API access to plug in your existing model, object storage (AWS, GCP, etc.) and much more.

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Supporting you for different use cases
We support various file types for labeling purposes, including row, span, document, bounding box, and more.
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We offer numerous ways to automate your data labeling process, saving up to 80% of time and effort.
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Our ecosystem supports a wide range of technologies that can assist you in project creation, storage, labeling processes, project export, authentication, and app development.
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Stay informed with the latest news, updates, and insightful tips curated by the Datasaur Team, designed specifically to enhance and streamline your labeling process.
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Explore the latest AI and NLP insights and research curated by the Datasaur Team aimed at supporting and enhancing your labeling process.
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Accelerate the NLP Project Lifecycle

Speed up the development of ML models, without compromising on quality or accuracy. Meet advanced tools for the entire NLP data labeling workflow, from ML-assisted labeling all the way to QA.
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