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June 5, 2023
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June 5, 2023
June 5, 2023
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How to Train Your Model: Datasaur Dinamic

Today, Datasaur announces a new feature years in the making - the ability to train models in our platform just by labeling data. I’ve long believed that the primary differentiating factor of models is the underlying training data. As model training processes and platform capabilities have advanced and converged, it is increasingly proprietary datasets that power the unique capabilities of the resulting models.

Datasaur has always been the most intuitive and efficient platform upon which to label your data. With Dinamic, you can take the labeled data and, with the click of a single button, train a custom NLP model suited to your needs. The more you label, the more accurate your model will be. Save hundreds of hours of costly engineering time to leverage the latest in NLP advancements.

Using Dinamic

So, how does it work? Dinamic learns from your labels to create a baseline NLP model for text classification. As you continue to upload and label new examples, it will (dynamically) improve its underlying model. Here's the simple process:

1. Begin by creating a project and uploading some sample documents..

2. Label a portion of your data as a starting point.

3. Activate the Datasaur Dinamic extension on the right-hand panel.

4. Enter your Hugging Face authentication credentials, including your username/organization and API token.

5. Set the target text (data) and your preferred label options as target questions.

  • Target text = the column of data you base your input on.
  • Target question = the question Datasaur Dinamic is programmed to automatically answer.

6. Click on “Train” and Datasaur’s backend system, powered by Hugging Face Auto Train, takes over.

7. Datasaur analyzes your labeled data and creates a model. Your new AI model is now ready in the Hugging Face link in the extension!

Improve your model

If you have new labeled data available, you can easily initiate the retraining process by clicking the "Train" button. This will enable you to incorporate the new data and update your model accordingly.

Leap Forward in Efficiency - Get Started Today!

Ready to revolutionize your data labeling and model-building processes? Begin your free two-week trial with Datasaur now. For any queries or to schedule an onboarding call, reach us at We are here to assist you in mastering this powerful tool and unlocking a whole new level of efficiency in your data labeling and model-building processes. Welcome to the future of data labeling and model building with Datasaur Dinamic!

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