Can AI Benefit your Company’s Recruiting Efforts?

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Ananya Avasthi
November 12, 2021
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Artificial Intelligence has seeped into every sector and achieved impossible feats on the daily. It is evolving at a soaring speed so it comes to no surprise that a machine that is capable of performing tasks at the level of human capabilities, and sometimes beyond scope of humans, is involved in recruitment. Recruitment requires building connections and AI can provide assistance easily for the same. By collecting and correctly labeling data, AI can be a powerful ally in recruiting efforts. The AI streamlines and automates most transactional parts of recruitment, which allows the recruiters not only to work more efficiently but allows them to build relationships with candidates, which ultimately leads to better business performance. Recruiters screen through thousands of resumes on a daily basis which consumes a huge chunk of their time, instead, better use of their time would be to focus only on the candidate which would eventually give the company a competitive edge later on.

AI in Recruitment

The moment AI is integrated into a business, it ends up changing the entire business model to become more efficient and cost-effective. Recruiting can only create value for a company when a candidate is being hired. This model hides certain difficulties for tech companies. Artificial Intelligence creates an opportunity for companies to target certain segments with higher recruiting needs. 

The Quality of Candidates Improve

The most important part of the recruitment process is choosing the right kind of candidate from the pool. With the assistance of AI, the whole process can be segregated into several stages, with recruiters collecting more data on each candidate to evaluate candidates more thoroughly. Many AI-based solutions help assess the skills and experience of candidates using special algorithms.

AI is an Analytical Fanatic

HR managers get an opportunity to select candidates based on their skill set, so the ideal candidate must possess the skill set required for the right position. AI software demonstrates a higher level of accuracy compared to human recruiters. This approach brings out a more accurate result.

Automation is Saving Time

Time is an invaluable asset, especially to a company, so any process that saves time saves money. Artificial Intelligence speeds up the process of estimating the candidates’ skills. AI only requires a few seconds to analyze colossal amounts of data and conclude understandable results that assist the decision-makers. 

Unbiased decisions

AI is incapable of understanding human emotion, which is often complex and messy. There is where biases take root from. Since AI cannot understand emotion, it only works through logic and patterns. Therefore, for an AI, it is impossible for it to make a decision based on emotion. The AI will always produce the best candidate out of the entire pool.


AI has the impeccable ability to post improved targeted ads that will be seen by the correct people due to their online activity. AI has a simple way of analyzing the browsing history of candidates and using it in decision-making. A system can be set in place that allows a company through data management to target the ideal candidate who matches the objectives required. A recruiter can take a peek at the browsing history of candidates what they have googled and what websites they have visited. This provides a thorough history of the candidate which speeds up the process immensely. Of course, all is not perfect as, even though AI has been integrated into almost all sectors of several industries, recruiters are still somewhat afraid of AI solutions. Two schools of thought float under this sphere of fear. The first one concludes that AI is not capable enough to do a good job, the other believes that AI will replace them. There is some truth to the latter fear as machines have already demonstrated better abilities doing overwhelming repetitive work. AI is the same coin with different sides and also is the reason why the use of AI in recruiting increases the value of human work. Recruiters must be prepared to face a reality where AI has integrated into their chores as it is not disappearing anywhere. 

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