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The competitive advantage for FinTech

Protect your data with military-grade security


Business Document Analysis

Parse and understand terms and clauses in business documents

Invoice Analysis

Identity and categorize line items in invoices

Data Digitization

Scan internal documents for compliance

Key Datasaur features for FinTech


Unrivaled configurability. Designed specifically for NLP
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Complete workflow and workforce management
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Inbuilt intelligence that handles 80% of the work
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We [Consensus] had a very complex and specific set of annotation needs. Datasaur was able to address those needs efficiently and effectively.

Eric Olson, Co-founder and CEO, Consensus

Information labeling tasks has been reduced by 80% which has allowed us to optimize our workflow much more, allowing us to focus on other areas that are also priorities for us.

Product Manager, LegalTech

"We looked at Prodigy, LightTag, LabelBox, Scale and more. You really can't beat Datasaur for their suite of features and price point."

Director of Data Science, Financial Institution