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Fintech Organizations

Advanced Features Built for Complex Labeling Requirements

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The most robust NLP data labeling choice for cutting-edge organizations around the world.

Use Cases

Customizable, Robust NLP Labeling to Drive Innovation for Fintech Organizations

Enhance Information Extraction

Extract vital information from documents accurately and efficiently. Identify and label data from invoices, receipts, bank statements, and more.

Bolster Fraud Detection and Prevention

Analyze financial data and detect fraudulent cases in a fraction of the time. Uncover red flags and gain actionable insights from vast amounts of data.

Streamline Document Preparation

Evolve your customer document generation and categorization. Leverage OCR to analyze and transform scanned S-1 filings, statements, etc.


Realize the Benefits of NLP for Fintech

Robust, Customizable Text Labeling

To unlock AI's true potential, you need a tool that is designed with text labeling at the core. Experience advanced, highly user-friendly NLP labeling.
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    Configurable UI
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    Audio transcription
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    OCR features
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    Hierarchical labeling

Improve Data Quality

Quality data means quality models. Datasaur’s robust NLP labeling tools let your team label quickly and accurately to build high performance models.
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    Advanced QA features
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    Hotkeys and clickless labeling
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    Search extension features
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    Inter-annotator disagreement tools

Automate Monotony Away

Features like ML-assisted labeling automate the bulk of your labeling. Drive down labeler—and project—times substantially.
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    Automated project creation
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    ML-assisted labeling
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    Automated project import and exports
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    Automated reporting and progress logging

We [Consensus] had a very complex and specific set of annotation needs. Datasaur was able to address those needs efficiently and effectively.

Eric Olson, Co-founder and CEO, Consensus

Information labeling tasks has been reduced by 80% which has allowed us to optimize our workflow much more, allowing us to focus on other areas that are also priorities for us.

Product Manager, LegalTech

"We looked at Prodigy, LightTag, LabelBox, Scale and more. You really can't beat Datasaur for their suite of features and price point."

Director of Data Science, Financial Institution

Why Datasaur?

Evolve and Deliver Business Impact with Deep NLP Expertise

Robust Text Labeling Tools

Rudimentary labeling tools are no match for complex projects. Datasaur is the most advanced labeling tool for NLP projects.
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Advanced Workforce Management

Gain high-level and granular insight with advanced QA capabilities that ensure data quality. Remove roadblocks and improve project times 10X.

Military-Grade Security

Datasaur boasts ironclad security. This means end-to-end encryption, SOC 2 certification, multiple deployment options, built-in security features, etc.

More Information About Fintech and NLP

Chatbots are projected to save financial firms $7.3 billion in operational costs by the end of 2023. Learn how NLP is revolutionizing the fintech industry and helping firms rise above the competition.
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