Ivan Lee - Datasaur Founder

Ivan Lee is the CEO and Founder of Datasaur.ai. He graduated with a Computer Science B.S. from Stanford University. He was chosen for the selective Mayfield Fellows entrepreneurship program in 2010. Ivan went on to found Loki Studios, an iOS game studio. After raising institutional funding from DCM's A-Fund and launching a profitable Pokemon-style game with 1 million users, Loki was acquired by Yahoo.

Ivan spent the next 10 years building AI products at a number of companies, most recently at Apple. He discovered that while the industry was focused on Computer Vision tooling, there was a significant gap in serving Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies and labeling raw text and audio data - most companies were using a painful combination of spreadsheets, open source tooling and clunky in-house tools. Placing a big bet on the potential of NLP, he built Datasaur to focus on democratizing access. Datasaur developed the industry's most advanced automated labeling solution, saving teams up to 90% of their time and improving data quality by 40%. Altogether, its users have applied over 60,000,000 labels to data, saving over 50,000 hours. Datasaur now serves data science teams at institutions such as Google, Netflix, Zoom, Qualtrics, Stanford, Harvard, Oxford and more.

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We [Consensus] had a very complex and specific set of annotation needs. Datasaur was able to address those needs efficiently and effectively.

Eric Olson, Co-founder and CEO, Consensus

Information labeling tasks has been reduced by 80% which has allowed us to optimize our workflow much more, allowing us to focus on other areas that are also priorities for us.

Product Manager, LegalTech

"We looked at Prodigy, LightTag, LabelBox, Scale and more. You really can't beat Datasaur for their suite of features and price point."

Director of Data Science, Financial Institution