Blackbird.AI x Datasaur

Discover Blackbird's mission and why they chose Datasaur.
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Jonathan Bruce
October 10, 2023
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October 10, 2023
October 9, 2023
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Blackbird.AI x Datasaur

Blackbird.AI, a leading narrative and risk intelligence AI company, stands at the forefront of safeguarding organizations from narrative attacks. With the dramatic shifts in the digital landscape in recent years, Blackbird is creating sophisticated AI solutions to protect organizations from financial and reputational harm. To create these AI solutions more efficiently while sustaining their need for high-quality models, they have chosen to partner with Datasaur.

Blackbird.AI required a platform that enabled automation while maintaining accessibility for non-technical users. Datasaur’s Data Programming empowers users to craft rules and heuristics, saving significant time and effort. Datasaur's functionality surfaced as a contender aligned with Blackbird.AI's intricate needs in a market spectrum populated with platforms. Due to the sophisticated nature of their workflow, Datasaur collaborated with the Blackbird.AI team to help build additional custom features.

In today's rapidly evolving NLP and AI landscape, the market is brimming with platform solutions, each promising to be the game-changer businesses need. Deciphering which platform stands out amidst the noise can be daunting. Factors like integration capabilities, user experience, platform flexibility, and support are pivotal in making this decision. Blackbird.AI navigated these complex questions and found their answer in Datasaur. They've generously shared their firsthand experience, offering insights into why Datasaur is not just another platform but a cut above the rest.

Selecting Datasaur
Datasaur is the best tool for integrating human annotation, robot annotation, data management, programmatic labeling, API/ SDK, and annotator management. It provides a very pleasant user experience for all user types.

Data Programming Functionality

While onboarding with Datasaur, Blackbird.AI had a few requests to enhance the platform's Data Programming utility. One of their requests was to build an Inter-Annotator Agreement (IAA) table to evaluate the performance of the rules and heuristics they create. Within their first 3 months, Datasaur built an easy-to-use IAA table to evaluate the results of their Data Programming rules.

Datasaur’s UI (Data Programming IAA Table)

"Datasaur provides a highly flexible platform for data programming, both in the app or via the API.

“From what I have seen,
there are no limits to what we can do in creating labeling functions from data programming."

Collaborative Relationship 
With the few initial use cases we needed that weren’t already found in the app, Datasaur promptly integrated those new features into the platform to cover those needs.

Customer Success
Via Slack and other channels, they have responded to all of our requests and questions promptly and with a positive attitude. Their personnel has been amazing.

The Datasaur team has enabled us to quickly get the app into the hands of our annotators and developers to get what we need out of our data. 

In Summary…

Choosing Datasaur is more than just selecting a tool; it's about forming a partnership that values your needs and ensures success. With its unmatched functionalities and meaningful customer support, Datasaur propagates a standard of excellence. As the AI and NLP sectors continue to grow and evolve, having a reliable partner like Datasaur can be the difference between merely navigating the waters and truly leading the charge. For businesses seeking a platform that delivers, understands, and adapts to their unique needs, Datasaur emerges as the gold standard.

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