Datasaur Dinamic Now Supports Span-Based Labeling

Datasaur Dinamic is now here to enhance your span labeling experience even further.
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Jonathan Cesario
January 27, 2024
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January 27, 2024
January 26, 2024
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Get ready to transform your natural language processing (NLP) with Datasaur Dinamic's latest feature: for span-based labeling. Moving beyond traditional row-based approaches, this update offers intricate text annotation for capturing linguistic nuances with unmatched accuracy, making it perfect for complex data sets. This latest update empowers you to effortlessly utilize span-based labeling data, unlocking the pathway to a top-tier, quality model. Elevate your experience with ease!

Datasaur dinamic menu with Hugging Face option selected

3 Simple Steps to Start

  1. Set up your span-based project: Begin by creating a new project in Datasaur and selecting the span-based labeling project. This setup is straightforward and user-friendly.
  2. Get Labeling and reviewing: Jump into your text and start the labeling journey. Highlight and tag the sections you need, turning data annotation into an engaging activity.
  3. Train and See the Magic: Once your labeling is done, activate the Datasaur Dynamic extension. You'll notice HuggingFace selected as the provider. With HuggingFace AutoTrain, we'll seamlessly train your data. Simply press the 'Train' button and observe as Datasaur shapes a model that refines itself with every labeled data point.


  1. Seamless NLP Model Development: Datasaur Dinamic simplifies the model training process. Label your data, click, and your bespoke NLP model is ready, growing in precision with your data.
  2. Efficieny and Innovation Combined: Save valuable engineering time while harnessing the latest NLP advancements. This update is all about maximizing efficiency and accessibility.

Step Into Advanced NLP with Datasaur Dinamic

Step into the future of advanced NLP with Datasaur Dinamic. Elevate your capabilities and experience the seamless integration of precision and ease. Ready to start? Dive in today and see the transformative impact for yourself!

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