Datasaur Predictive Labeling

Release Datasaur Predictive Labeling which helps company generate labeled data with good quality but low effort
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September 4, 2023
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September 4, 2023
September 4, 2023
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Introducing Datasaur's Innovative Solution: Enhancing Data Labeling with Datasaur Predictive Labeling

We're thrilled to introduce our latest breakthrough: Datasaur Predictive Labeling. Recognizing the challenges of generating large volumes of data for building powerful models, we understand the critical role high-quality data plays. However, the constraints of time often clash with the demands of data preparation. Datasaur is the perfect solution for your needs. Our Predictive Labeling feature is designed to enhance and streamline your experience.

ChatGPT Study Case: Unleashing the Power of Data

In the dynamic digital landscape, the driving force behind the remarkable progress of machines is elegantly simple yet profoundly impactful: data. Imagine teaching a curious child to differentiate between animals. The more images of cats, dogs, and elephants they encounter, the better they become at recognizing distinctions. Similarly, AI marvels like OpenAI's ChatGPT flourish through abundant data, evolving into masters of human-like text comprehension and generation.

Think of ChatGPT as a diligent student in a vast library filled with books. These books symbolize the data fueling its growth. Here's a crucial insight: just as a student benefits from a diverse range of books to fully grasp a subject, ChatGPT thrives on a wide variety of data to untangle the complexities of human language. ChatGPT has been meticulously honed on a substantial corpus of text data, totaling approximately 570GB of datasets, sourced from websites, books, and other text-rich repositories.

Balancing Act: Limited Time, Grand Endeavor

Now, let's consider you, who aims to educate the language model about a specific topic or style, essentially imparting a unique personality to the AI. Yet, preparing data for the model to learn from is time-intensive. You need to discover and compile text relevant to your topic or style. At times, you might want to include specific notes (annotations) to guide the model's learning precisely. However, amidst other crucial tasks, time might be a limited resource for gathering and preparing all this data.

Elevating Efficiency

Imagine if we could develop models to assist you in generating valuable, domain-specific data.

Creating a simple NLP model typically demands thousands, or even tens of thousands, of data points. Datasaur ushers in a paradigm shift by enabling the creation of multiple ready-to-train datasets with merely 5 input samples (per class) provided by you. This revolutionizes the data labeling and model-building process, seamlessly integrating manual and automated labeling techniques without requiring any user input, prompts, or functions.

How to Use Datasaur Predictive Labeling?

Here's a step-by-step guide on utilizing Datasaur Predictive Labeling for a Row Based project:

1. Activate the Datasaur Predictive Labeling extension in your chosen project by accessing the extension settings – find Datasaur Predictive Labeling in the extension settings menu.

2. Upon activation, input and output fields become visible. You can designate the Input Columns as the context and the Target Field as the column for the predicted answer.

3. Click “Save Configuration” and let the enchantment begin! If your project already boasts labeled data, the system will furnish predictions. If not, you must label a minimum of 5 data entries for each answer category. For instance, if you have two categories: POSITIVE and NEGATIVE, label at least 5 data entries as POSITIVE and 5 as NEGATIVE.

4. Once the predictions surface, you can either accept or reject labels according to your convenience and review them accordingly.

How to Gain Access?

This feature is presently in closed beta. To secure special access, contact Datasaur support through our email, We're delighted to enable this feature for your workspace.

Bid farewell to the laborious process of manual labeling and the constraints of automated methods. Datasaur empowers you to craft robust, context-aware models that excel in your specific domain, all while demanding minimal user intervention. With Datasaur, unleash your data's true potential and propel your AI initiatives like never before.

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