Labeling 100k Rows in 1 Hour: Leveraging Datasaur’s Labeling Tools and Prosa’s Expertise for Smarter AI Solutions

The best of both worlds: labeling thousands in one hour!
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Mega Fransiska
June 8, 2024
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June 8, 2024
June 7, 2024
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The partnership between Datasaur and Prosa is successfully tackling diverse projects, including hoax analysis, sentiment analysis, and data categorization for online food delivery services. Our collaborative project on data categorization for an online food delivery platform demonstrated the benefit of automating the labeling process. By integrating Datasaur’s advanced labeling tools with Prosa’s machine learning expertise, we have significantly reduced development time, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and innovation in AI tool development.

The Challenge in Data Labeling

Categorizing data for an online food delivery platform presents significant challenges, especially when accurately labeling each menu and restaurant name. The task involves categorizing each item into three broad categories, each further divided into over ten subcategories. Such detailed classification, when performed manually, is prone to human errors and inconsistencies due to the complexity and sheer volume of the data.

Automated Labeling by Datasaur = Speed + Accuracy

Data Programming (Documentation), one of Datasaur’s intelligence features, is particularly suited to tackling the challenges of data categorization in our project. Data Programming enables labelers to store data patterns in updateable Python code, called Labeling Functions (Documentation), leveraged across the dataset.

For example, if you specify keywords like 'martabak', 'doughnut', and 'fries' in these functions, the system automatically categorizes related data under the 'snack' label. This automation streamlines the labeling process, reduces the need for manual categorization, and boosts efficiency.

As labelers refine their Python rules, the accuracy of Data Programming improves. Datasaur supports this process with filtering and sorting features, helping labelers discover new patterns and review existing functions.

By the end of the labeling process, Data Programming achieves an impressive 70% accuracy in data labeling. It also processes data quickly, handling approximately 0.04 seconds per row. This means that a dataset of 100,000 rows can be accurately labeled in about an hour, demonstrating both speed and precision.

Impact on the Industry

This collaboration between Datasaur and Prosa is setting new standards in the industry. By simplifying and automating the data labeling process, our innovations enable companies to manage large datasets more effectively. This not only ensures that the data used in AI models is accurate and reliable but also boosts overall productivity and efficiency. Such advancements benefit not only Datasaur and Prosa; they pave the way for future technological progress across the tech industry.

Embark on Your AI Transformation with Datasaur and Prosa

At Datasaur, we invite you to discover the full spectrum of our intelligent labeling features. Reach out to us at to book a personalized demo and experience firsthand how our tools can streamline your data processes and elevate your projects.

Similarly, Prosa is eager to tailor a demonstration or consultation to your specific needs. Connect with us at to explore customized solutions and data annotation services that can transform your AI development from concept to deployment.

Don't miss the opportunity to advance your technology with the cutting-edge solutions from Datasaur and Prosa. Contact us today and take the first step towards a smarter, more efficient future in AI.

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