Simple Steps to Build a Model for Bulk Salary Transfers with Datasaur Dinamic

Further streamline you bulk salary transfers with Datasaur!
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Mega Fransiska
May 25, 2024
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May 25, 2024
May 25, 2024
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Bulk salary transfers are part of modern payroll systems that allow companies to pay multiple employees simultaneously through a single transaction. This streamlined approach is facilitated by a document called a letter of instruction, which acts as the official communication between a company and its bank. The letter serves as a formal directive, providing detailed information about the exact amounts each employee should receive and authorizing the bank to deduct these total sums from the company’s account for distribution to various employee accounts.

Conventionally, managing this process involves considerable manual effort. Operators are required to meticulously read and interpret each entity in the letter to ensure that the payments comply with regulatory requirements. This manual scrutiny demands significant time and effort.

Datasaur offers a solution to automate this process, reducing the need for manual effort. Our technology extracts critical information like company and employee bank details from these letters, speeding up processing times and increasing productivity. This solution has been successfully implemented by Indonesia's largest bank, revolutionizing their bulk salary transactions. Our quick interview and calculation show that this solution not only has increased efficiency by up to 60% but also reduced human error reduction by more than 60%.

We incorporated the information above into the blog post below and also explored how Datsaur’s feature, Datasaur Dinamic, further simplifies model development for bulk salary transfers.

How Datasaur Dinamic Helps?

Here is how Datasaur Dinamic helps model development in three simple steps:

  • Label Your Data: utilize Datasaur's user-friendly environment to efficiently label your data.  Streamline the process using our workspace and extension, while managing labeler throughput with workforce management.
  • Set Up and Train: once your data is labeled, setting up with Datasaur Dinamic is straightforward (Documentation). Choose from our supported providers, such as Huggingface (Documentation), configure the settings, then hit the ‘Train’ button and let the system handle the training process.
  • Review, Deploy, and Launch: After training, your model name will be ready in the Datasaur Dinamic extension.

Simply search for the model name in the Huggingface Models catalog to access detailed performance metrics and training logs in the model card.

Then, use the Transformers library to call your model and prepare it for production.

With these steps, you're ready to implement your model in production, enabling faster, more accurate bulk salary transfers with minimal effort.

Real Cases of Bank Operations

Datasaur has implemented an end-to-end solution for bulk salary transfers at Indonesia's largest bank to optimize their operations. The actual implementation involved more complex components and processes than those outlined in this simplified case study. Our system successfully managed over 20 different templates and extracted data from more than 20 distinct entities—a task that is considerably challenging with traditional methods. Typically, bank operators would manually extract and verify this information, a method that is fraught with risks of errors and is highly time-consuming.

With the integration of Datasaur's automated data extraction technology, the bank's operations underwent a significant overhaul. Based on our quick interview and calculation, we found a 60% improvement in efficiency as operators no longer needed to process each piece of data manually; instead, they focused on re-checking and validating the extracted data predicted by our solution. This shift also drastically reduced the human error rate—by more than 60%—since it eliminated the need for operators to memorize and recall extensive details.

This collaboration showcases how Datasaur's technology can revolutionize banking operations, providing a robust solution for automating complex document-handling tasks.

Unlock Efficiency with Datasaur Dinamic

Datasaur Dinamic transforms the process of bulk salary transfers by automating data extraction, reducing errors, and boosting productivity. Operators can now focus on reviewing and refining outputs rather than manually scrutinizing every detail, making the process faster and more efficient. This solution simplifies model development, making it accessible to both ML Engineers and operators.

At Datasaur, we're dedicated to enhancing your operations with our comprehensive labeling and NLP solutions. Whether your requirements are simple or complex, we provide the best tools and support tailored to your needs. Contact us at to schedule a custom demo and discover how we can revolutionize your data handling processes and meet your unique needs!

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