Enhanced Flexibility: Modifying Question Sets Within a Project

Efficiently adjust the list of question sets without the need to re-upload or recreate them from scratch.
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Jonathan Bruce
February 7, 2024
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February 7, 2024
February 7, 2024
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Datasaur plays a crucial role in numerous projects focused on row and document labeling. Users rely on Datasaur to handle their data along with a set of questions, referred to as a “question set,” utilizing the platform as a service for efficient labeling work.

The Previous Limitation

Previously, users encountered a constraint in managing their question sets within a project. They could only replace the entire question set with a new one or add an entirely new set. This restriction meant that if a user wanted to add a new question or update an existing one within a question set, their only option was to re-upload the entire set. As a result, this process reset their previously completed labeling work, leading to unnecessary inconvenience.

A panel showing datasaur question sets settings

With Datasaur's latest update, the platform has taken a leap forward in enhancing user experience and project efficiency. The new feature allows users to seamlessly modify existing question sets within a project. They can now add new questions or update existing ones without needing to replace the entire set. This advancement eliminates the inconvenience of resetting previously completed labeling work, thus saving time and effort.

Key Benefits of the Update

  • Improved Efficiency: Users can now make quick updates or additions to their question sets, ensuring continuous progress in their labeling projects without disruptions.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: This update offers users unparalleled flexibility, accommodating the changing needs of data labeling projects.
  • Preservation of Work: With the ability to modify question sets, users no longer face the risk of losing their completed labeling work when making updates.


Users now have a smoother experience in data labeling. No longer restricted to replacing or adding entire question sets within a project, the update allows users to easily modify sets, making the process more efficient. This means quick updates, adaptability to changing needs, and keeping completed work intact. Datasaur remains committed to making data labeling straightforward, providing users with a user-friendly platform for their projects.

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