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Ivan Lee
November 8, 2021
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For the last couple of years, we've been hard at work building the industry's best text labeling solution. Backed by Initialized Capital and the CTOs of OpenAI and Segment, we now support thousands of users across the globe with their diverse Natural Language Processing (NLP) labeling projects including everything from labeling medical transcripts to restaurant menus. Dozens of universities and nonprofits have been supported with our free Academic Edition and we have helped top companies save 80% of their labeling time and effort through our automated APIs and Datasaur Intelligence capabilities. Over a million labels are applied weekly on the Datasaur platform, in 14 different languages.

Today, we announce the next step in our evolution: Audio. We've been talking with our customers and learned that many of them start with audio data and transcribe them into text that is then labeled on Datasaur. Unfortunately, due to the current lack of industry tooling for audio labeling, users have to open Audacity to listen to and view the audio, Notepad to track timestamps and spreadsheets to apply labels πŸ™€. It's important for users to have the original audio source available in case the speech-to-text transcription was incorrect, and we learned it's important to hear the original source audio to understand context clues such as tone, volume and pace.


And so we got back to work, expanding our current product capabilities to support this full workflow. Audio is a use case near and dear to my own heart β€” my previous role was with the Siri organization at Apple and I use digital assistants daily on my drive. Some have already declared voice as the next operating system, and I believe voice+AI will play an increasingly commonplace role in our lives. And of course, it's a natural expansion of Datasaur’s core expertise -β€” once the transcription is complete, users will still want to perform entity recognition, dependency parsing and other key tasks on the Datasaur platform.

Datasaur's Audio Annotation Tool will allow you to improve the quality of your audio transcription with our easy-to-use interface. Modify timestamps and transcriptions with minimal clicks. Classify audio by identifying speakers, sound type, or topics. Play your audio and follow along in the transcription automatically.

If this sounds appealing to you and your team, join our waitlist today and reach out to We're just getting started and we're excited to see the audio AI you'll be building out using our platform.

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